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Monday, September 10, 2018

Ned the Barbarian versus the Giant Snake...Dragon...thing

For those of you who are paying close attention this is a very similar sketch to one I shared a couple weeks ago where Ned battles the big googly eyed tentacled monster.  The part I didn't much like about that drawing was that Ned almost looked to be tipping over to the right.  Thi sketch corrects that issue, but I'd be bored with the same costume and monster so I tried something different.


Gilead's health journal

We played Dungeons and Dragons yesterday.  Really Gil, do you Still do that?  Well no actually I don't still do that I'm doing it again after being away for many years.  All the other people in our group weren't born yet the last time we played.  In fact it's 5th edition now which is so different I've basically had to re-learn the whole thing.
Anyways, what's all that got to do with my health?  Well nothing most of the time, but on game days people bring snacks and most of them are not healthy snacks and yesterday this guy brought these Oreo mint chip brownies that I had promised myself I would resist, but I broke down and had one just before he went out the door with them.  Good lowered they were too sweet!  Everybody said so, but in the past whenever someone said that about a desert I always thought it was great and went back for thirds. 
Last night I just had one small piece and was sugar stunned for hours, I was sleepy, brain fogged and sore in my joints.  I don't really think there was anything particularly bad about the brownies but I'd cleansed my system for most of a month and wasn't used to the effect.  Nor have I ever appreciated how much effect that stuff has because I'm sure my regular diet was leaving me feeling like that  all of the time and I just didn't know it.

So on the positive side I guess it means I'm cleaning up my system?  Maybe.  Still a half pound lighter this morning so it's not all bad.  One thing we're determined to maintain is that falling off the wagon doesn't oblige you to remain off the wagon for the week or the day or even the hour so we're back on.

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