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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

CoKoCon 2018 Science Fiction Convention

I was at a science fiction convention all weekend at a hotel which lies in the shadow of the once great Metrocenter Mall in north Phoenix.

In my childhood Metrocenter was at the very north end of the city, the first prominent structure you'd see as you drove down from small hick towns to the north. It was the jewel of the desert, a gleaming oasis of culture and commerce in an otherwise dry and barren wasteland.

Now days there's malls where we used to live and Metro lies in ruins, the haunt of gangs, broken dreams, and giant carnivorous lizards. Which apparently keeps hotel rates low.

Fortunately we had Ned the Barbarian running security.
This is the link to the convention which is scheduled to happen again next year in the same place.
CoKoCon or ConKopelli

Elsewhere at the con you could see; Me.
I know it doesn't look like there's anyone else in the room with me, but I did in fact have a nice little crowd for a while.

Apparently I make silly faces when I do demos.  Perhaps it's part of my delightful charm.

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