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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Ned the Barbarian versus the Big Icky Thing with Tentacles

This is a pretty static pose, but holds a little bit of drama like a breath before a fight.

Here's Ned the Barbarian trying to decide if he's really up for this.
Ned's always up for it, but he'd rather be drinking coffee if there's a choice.
I gave him a chopping blade because of the kind of monster he's facing, but I don't care for it, I think I'll change it to his usual rapier style blade.

I know this is ostensibly a fantasy art site but it's also a quiet corner of the internet where nobody actually goes.  So I have a thing that requires documenting and I'm going to do it here because I have to do it somewhere.
I'd gone for a CT scan.  The gal at the clinic said "Hi, pull your pants down and lay on the bed."  Then three minutes later she was done with me and threw me out of the place.  I felt so used.
I was there in the first place because I'd had an annual check-up and blood work done the week before. The doctor found a spot in my belly where I had acute pain, but only if you press on it. 
So a few weeks after that we're back at the doctor's for the follow-up on my blood-work and the scan results.

1. High cholesterol
2. Hardening of the arteries
3. Fatty liver
4. Borderline diabetic
5. Probably benign spot on my liver and another on my lung.
6. Enlarged prostate 
7. Mesenteric panniculitis

None of this is particularly unusual for someone my age and especially my weight.  I topped out this month at 130 pounds which is by far the heaviest I've ever been.
But just because it's common doesn't mean I'm OK with it.  I'm profoundly not OK with it.

So going backwards:

#7 mesenteric panniculitis is an infection of the fatty packing material around the outside of your intestines.  I've had it once before and the doctor just gave me antibiotics which cleared it up, but she wants me to see a specialist this time possibly because I've had a hernia operation this year and I've had pain since then so this may be a complication of that.
It hurts a lot at this point but I try not to say so because our finances are very limited and we can only afford to go the doctor once every few paychecks.

#6 she wants me to see a urologist for the prostate thing, but I'm a little skeptical of this one.  It seems like they all enlarge as we get old so I'll go when we can and see what they say, but I'm not sure I'll do anything about it.

#5 Presumably I don't need to worry unless something gets worse which presumably I'll know about that if I do something like, die.

#s 4 3 2 1  I'm going to try to address all of this with diet and exercise for the next three months.  Then I'll have more blood-work and compare the results.  This is going to involve self discipline and control for the first time in my life.  I am a sybarite albeit a penurious one, but I'm used to indulging any sensual whim I find within the reach of my budget.  That's going to have to change.  No more sugar, pasta, pizza, crackers, chips, and mostly no bread.  Sugar is my big sin.  It would probably be women if I wasn't so old, fat and ugly, but I can always go get an ice cream when I'm feeling self indulgent and I'm ALWAYS feeling self indulgent.  Ice cream never says no.  But now I have to say no to the ice cream.  I don't know if I can be so cruel.

And then there's exercise.  I really do enjoy it.  I get to where I really miss it when I don't go to the gym.  ...and then I don't go to the gym.  Months go by and we pay for a membership we don't use.  But now I'm going everyday.  Seven days a week for the next three months.

It will be interesting to see if it helps.  There will be real numbers to compare so I'll have something real to report once I have the blood test.  (I Hate blood tests)

The doctor visit was Tuesday the 21st  I went to the gym and used the elliptical machine for 30 minutes on the 22nd and again on the 23rd.  It's been months since I've worked out and I'm feeling it everywhere.

Wish me luck.

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