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Friday, August 17, 2018

eBay friDay!

Here we are again with a couple items going to eBay.
This is a brass planter that my Mom had as far back as I can remember.  Some people say it's Victorian but I know it's actually thousands of years old.  Dug from the ruined cities of ancient Zimballa and carried over land and sea to Kander Shan to be proudly displayed in the house of some rich merchant such as Bickman Shaw, where it was eventually stolen by goblins and magically transported through my basement door, probably in exchange for some mysteriously missing banana bread or cookies which I wouldn't know anything about.

8 inches by 10 inches.  Oil paint on recycled wood. Framed.
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This was also one of my Mom's antiques.  The pot not the apple, I ate the apple so I'm pretty sure it's recent.
This one will be up on eBay this coming Friday if no one  on Patreon claims it first.
8 inches by 10 inches on canvas board.  Framed. $30.00 on Patreon.
When it goes on eBay it will be $50.00
To be eligible to buy this painting before it goes on eBay simply go to Patreon and contribute a dollar.  You will be a patron of the arts and will help me continue to do all these things I do and have the opportunity to buy my artwork at a much lower price than most people will be able to get it.
If my work isn't your thing please support one of the many other artists on Patreon who are working hard to share their visions with you.
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