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Monday, July 9, 2018


Junicorn is over, but the unicorns just keep coming.  Don't fight it.

The Kuducorn or Kudu-unicorn is rare in most parts of the world but still fairly common along the shores of lake Parime near the deserted ruins of Manoa south-east of Prescott Arizona.
There were many such mining towns in the mountains of central Arizona during the 1800s. Most were quickly abandoned as veins were tapped out, new strikes discovered elsewhere or, as was the case here, miners delved too deep and dark things in the bowels of the earth were awakened which should have been left sleeping. The entire population of Manoa was said to have been dragged screaming into the abyss in the dead of night leaving no one alive to tell the tale.
So the story goes.
Bad as that may be it does incidentally lead to the protection of this beautiful and endangered species since hunters and prospectors alike rarely make it out of the region alive.

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