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Monday, July 2, 2018

E-Bay Monday #3

Well ladies and gentlemen it's Monday and that can only mean one ja vu?

It's E-Bay Monday!

Once again this is how it works.
Every Monday I will post a picture of a small painting here and also on my Patreon page and other social media.
A week later I will put the painting up for sale on E-bay.
If you like the painting and want to buy it before it goes on E-bay where you run the risk of being out-bid, then be the first to notify me that you want it in the comments on my Patreon page.
Yes this means that if you aren't a Patreon member you can't get in ahead of the game, but it only costs a dollar a month to be on the Patreon page.
Joining Patreon will get you advanced notice of artwork for sale, more behind the scenes stories and videos than you get here and a way to financially support your favorite artist in the world without breaking the bank.

As always my paintings are done on recycled materials. This one is a cabinet door so the frame is not removable from the painting.

It's an oil painting, 23.5" X 12" and weighs about 3.5 pounds

I'll be asking for $50.00 minimum plus shipping.

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