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Friday, June 8, 2018

No More School!

There's a lot to be learned from books and from school.  Or you can just go talk to an expert and see if they have some advice.  Watching a person draw or paint is extremely informative.  Doing so in person is best, but videos have a lot to give.  These days the internet is full of instructional videos and they may well be worth watching.  I'm even making some videos myself although most of mine have been on Patreon and a couple have been on Facebook.
Only you would know if any of this is helpful to you or not.  When I say that school has nothing to teach me I'm not being egotistical or conceited, I'm saying that I've reached a point where nothing I've learned is going to stick unless I put it into practice.   Perhaps after long term practice I will have opened up a new chamber in my brain that will be able to be filled with knowledge, but for now learning is nothing more than  stalling, it's an excuse not to go forward and I'll have none of it until I've moved forward.  A lot.

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