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Friday, June 1, 2018

June is the month of Junicorns

Well Mer-Friends it's a new month and we're on to a a new project, but it seems we're not quite out of the water yet.
Yes it's June, the month of the Junicorn. I know, they're reaching, these on-line sketch challenge people, but what the heck, who doesn't like Unicorns?

This sketch is based on a little thumbnail sketch I did long ago and it embarrasses me a little.
You see we had gone to a sci-fi convention and the guest of honor was an illustrator who's work and career I admire greatly.
She told one of those nightmare client stories about being hired to paint a picture of a unicorn, a dolphin and a killer whale. After much hair pulling she finally arranged a composition that included all three with the unicorn looking out on the ocean where a killer whale and dolphin were leaping among the waves. The client looked at the sketch and said "Welllllllll but we want the unicorn Talking to the whales." She eventually declined the job because it was basically impossible from a composition standpoint
While she was telling her story I sketched out this idea. Granted it might have been rejected by the client also or be unappealing to the artist, but I never showed it to her because I was afraid of insulting her.  I had come up with this solution very easily and was afraid I'd look like a show-off...which I am.  I think it was my sign painting background.  One didn't have a lot of time to think about what was going to work, one had to figure it out on the move.
If it had in fact been a sign on a window I'd have painted it that very afternoon, but since it was an idea for a "real" painting the sketch set in a filing cabinet until now.

The unique thing about this month's project is that I plan for every single sketch to eventually be a painting and am even picking out a canvas ahead of time so that I know I'm sketching the right size.

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