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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How to Draw a Horse

If you want to be a great fantasy artist you must learn to draw horses with expert precision.
Do you like the way the preceding sentence implies without actually stating, that I'm both "a great fantasy artist" and that I draw horses "with expert precision"?
Who can say if my fantasy art is great or not?  But I'm certainly no expert on the topic of horses. Well intended friends of mine have been sending me information to try to educate me on the topic, but I'd rather learn by doing.  I'm kind of old now and while I'm sure I could go out and learn new things if I was interested I really don't want to earn a degree in equine physiology just so I can draw a couple horses to the satisfaction of a few critics. 
I want to satisfy the critics especially if they might Buy a painting, but I want to improve through practice .  So I'm practicing.

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