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Monday, June 18, 2018

Going to try E-bay

So this is how it will work...I think.
Every Monday I will post a picture of a small painting here and also on my Patreon page.
A week later I will put the painting up for sale on E-bay.
If you like the painting and want to buy it before it goes on E-bay where you run the risk of being out-bid, then be the first to notify me that you want it in the comments on my Patreon page.
Yes this means that if you aren't a Patreon member you can't get in ahead of the game, but it only costs a dollar a month to be on the Patreon page.   Joining Patreon will get you advanced notice of artwork for sale, more behind the scenes stories and videos than you get here and a way to financially support your favorite artist in the world without breaking the bank. 

Just in case I haven't been clear in the past (This apparently is a problem I have) this used to be a cabinet door, but now it's a painting on the wall. It's no longer affixed to a cabinet nor is it intended to be. Also the "frame" is a permanent part of the painting and cannot be removed.

It's an oil painting, roughly 13 inches by 22 inches and about 3/4 of an inch thick, and weighs about 4 pounds.

I'll be asking for $50.00 minimum plus shipping.

Shipping is one of the things that I'll be making mistakes with at first because I don't know yet how to estimate that cost. Particularly given that my paintings are on found objects and the weight, size and packaging will always vary it will take some time before I calculate that with any accuracy. In the meantime I'll be cheating myself on shipping.

But hopefully I will have some bidding wars on my stuff on e-bay and make even more money.

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