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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Warrior Women

There's a thing on the internet called "Warrior Women Wednesday". I don't know where it started or who it's in reference to or what the original intention was.

Can anyone tell me?

Right now if you look it up or follow a hashtag you will see stuff about women in the military, female athletes, cancer survivors, black women exclusively, lesbians exclusively, women in the SCA, feminism in general, and fantasy art featuring warrior women much of which I suspect is distasteful to many of the rest of the group.

That happens when you don't want to limit something by placing rules around it, you end up with a mixture of people who all have a different interpretation of what's going on.

This can be harmless or it can dilute your message or even start a fight depending on how invested some people are in their own version of the cause.

With some trepidation I have, in the past, posted some of my fantasy art with the hashtag #warriorwomenwednesday . Which so far has been met with appreciation even by (in one case) a black lesbian athlete in the military. If anyone hates my pictures they haven't bothered to say so.
But this Is the internet so...

I have for no particular reason declared the remainder of April to be Warrior Women Month.

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