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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Warrior Women Wednesday

I'll make two predictions in relation to this picture.
One, people who think it's very nice and historically accurate will later moan and wail if I draw the exact same picture minus most of the clothing.  "No warrior Ever!  -In the entire history of Ever!- walked out the door without being encased in plate armor from head to toe!
The interesting thing about this absolute historical fact is that it's neither absolute nor historical nor a fact.  Nor is it even consistent with the rest of the assertions made by the arguer.   If I draw a nearly naked male gladiator, no problem.  A bare chested pirate, no problem.  An Indian in a loincloth, no problem. a cavalier in a poofy shirt, no problem.  A woman in any kind of shirt, no problem.  But if the woman isn't wearing a shirt then suddenly it's a problem as tall as the sky. 
They don't say "nudity offends me put some clothes on her, they hide behind a completely fictitious "historical fact" about warriors Always being encased in armor from head to toe, but it only applies to drawings of bare breasted women, it's not a historical fact in any other context.
In truth I could respect the objections of anyone who told me that they find breasts offensive or threatening or arousing, and don't want to look at that sort of thing because it makes them uncomfortable with their own insecurities.  I wouldn't agree or change my ways, but I could respect that the person spelled out their actual objections instead of hiding behind some phony excuse.

The other prediction I'll make is that people will say "Gosh Gil gets really prickly and defensive when you bring up this topic.  I wonder why that is?"

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