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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day Lets do some Recycling.
As you all know by now all of my paintings are done on recycled materials.  This sometimes extends to recycling the canvas again once I finally admit to myself that the first painting is just  no good.

A few years back I did a half dozen small nude studies in oil paint.  They were all well received and sold quickly except for this one which nobody seemed to like.  After putting it away in the closet for a year or two I took it out and looked at it with fresh eyes and now I see why.  It's terrible.  The lower leg and hand look all wrong and the upper elbow seems unsupported on her thigh yet her weight should be resting there.
What to do what to do?

Ah Ha!  I think I may have a plan.

 Yes this is getting somewhere.  This is charcoal over the old oil painting which has been sanded.

Now adding some thin washes of oil paint.  At this point I learned that sketching with charcoal was a bad idea.  It caused problems with the adhesion of the paint in the really dark areas and I had to wipe most of it off with a rag and start over.  A little charcoal on a fresh canvas is no problem at all, but this much charcoal on a previously painted surface just didn't sink in.  It was loose powder on a slick surface, relatively speaking, so the paint just lifted it back up.
So after scrubbing all of that back up and starting over on those areas we got a nice under-painting done and I let it dry before moving on.

I apologize for the lack of process shots between these two photos.  This was the point where I was able to just get in and paint with happy abandon and forget the world for a while which is what I did.  This phase was all done in one sitting.

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