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Monday, March 26, 2018

I Won a Wacom!

This is a quick pencil sketch I did possibly 20 years ago or so. It's almost in artistic shorthand, I don't know if you can read it, but it's a little robot and a girl exploring an alien planet.
We'll see if we can find a model and produce something gooder.
...and After!
MechUnit Gadget and his trusty sidekick captain Gidget.
In other news:

I Won!
I won a brand new Wacom in the March of Robots challenge thingy. Follow this link to see the official announcement.
You will soon see a picture of me holding up my shiny new Wacom.
I had no intention or thought of winning anything I just saw the March of Robots challenge on Instagram and thought it sounded like a fun thing to do, which it certainly was.
I love projects like this. Prizes not withstanding, I like to see lots of people pouring out creative ideas. It really doesn't matter how practical, realistic, original or socially relevant your topic is in your own mind. Because no matter what you were thinking when you drew your picture someone else is thinking something entirely different when they stumble across your picture. That's where art becomes important. Not what my drawing makes you think, but what you were thinking when you saw the drawing. That's where the world changes.
It's like the surgeon back in the 70's who was trying to miniaturize scalpels when he saw the movie Star Wars which gave him the idea to use laser beams to perform surgery. Laser surgery bears no resemblance to a light saber, but that's not important. Light saber duels in a super high tech civilization is kind of a dumb idea. (It's the coolest thing ever, but silly) What Is important is that someone had a silly idea and rolled with it anyways which led someone else to do something very important.
You can follow the idea and see where it takes you, or you might take the idea with you where you were already going. We are all running our own filters and funneling everything we see and hear through those filters. We compare those ideas to our current questions and the problems we're currently trying to solve.
Or it may never be anything more than a picture of a really cool robot and that's worthwhile all by itself.

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