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Thursday, March 15, 2018

I don't want to grow up I just want to be a...

Toys R Us is closing all of it's US stores. I was never in one as a kid so this means less to me than it does to some. But I was briefly a manager in a retail chain. It was one of several times that I very nearly abandoned my dream of being an artist and did something successful with my life instead. Those days are far behind me, but I have enough of that world stamped into my DNA that the death of such an iconic retail giant resonates. It doesn't fill me with fear or despair especially, I don't "blame" Amazon as so many do, but I definitely attribute it to them and the era that created them. Times have changed and continue to do so. The robot, quite actually, marches on. We don't know where all of this will lead, but lead it will whether we choose to keep up or no. Amazon recently bought Whole Foods which on the surface sounded like a terrible idea, but the very next day all of the other major grocery chains rolled out delivery services, curbside pick-up, expanded self check-out and Fry's introduced their "Scan and Go" program. We can cry about the good old days and things we've lost, but we live in the world that we've asked for. We collectively said yes I would rather have that stuff delivered to the house than to go shopping for it. I'm even willing to pay extra for that. And so we have it because we asked for it. We can tell ourselves a fantasy, we can demonize "out of control capitalism" and pretend to be crushed beneath the boot-heels of an oppressive plutocracy, or we could just relax and have a nice day. Some day we will all sit on the porch and watch quiet, automated, electric traffic go by and remember the days when we had to be part of that. The future is here, get the door will you? Uber-bot is delivering dinner. Let the robots march.

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