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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Why Does My Monster Hate Me?

Cover art for the second Dr Eldritch compilation book "Why Does My Monster Hate Me?  The concept for this painting was that this mad scientist had built a Frankenstein-ian monster all from teenager parts and now instead of terrorizing the village like he's supposed to do, he just gives attitude and wants to hang out with his friends.

Even though I was a little old to pose as a teenager I can "What-Ever!" with the best of them so I photographed myself dishing out all the adolescent angst I could muster.  The white shirt and exaggerated light was intentional to give me pronounced Light Shadow and Reflected Light.  The holy trinity of why things look three dimensional.  My right elbow was up against a blue green panel for a sign I was painting, which gave me the blue reflections.

I also referenced some Frankenstein photos just for the general look.

All the rest of the image was made up which started giving me trouble part way through the project.  It was a simple whimsical project for low pay.  It should have been easy to knock out and yet I started thinking about it as a really unusual piece for me.  A portfolio piece, my break-out piece, the work that was going to put me on the map as an illustrator.  A seminal work.  The turning point of my Life!  I have to get it perfect, it has to be right, I have to hire models.  I can't afford models.  I don't have time! I can't make this in acrylics, it has to be oil paints.  Oh Gawd I don't Know Oil Paints!  I've got to take a class.  I don't have time!  Oh who am I kidding?  I can't do this, I'm not an illustrator I'm just a sign painter, just a lowly window-splasher, I'll never be anyone in the illustration world!

Why do we do these things to ourselves?
I'd spent weeks on it painting it over and wiping it out.  I scolded myself "If this was a six foot tall window you'd be done in an afternoon and it would look awesome.  You're only scared of it because it's an illustration project."  Then I realized, that's exactly what it is.  So I told myself, "It's just a window splash, you do this every day.  Relax and have fun and just do it.  I was done in half an hour.  Sometimes I consider it my most successful painting.

So in a way it was a turning point in my life because it has been my mantra a hundred times since then whenever a painting is kicking my butt.  "Dude it's a window splash, you do them all the time, just do it and hand have fun."

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