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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

4 Dailies

These are all poorly done by my current measure, but I'm proud of them anyways because I was learning so much and learning so rapidly.  If I was a good speaker, writer or teacher perhaps I could quantify that much better, but the best I can say for now is that the more you paint the more you will learn.  Also the longer yo look at something the more you will truly see it.   I don't mean anything esoteric by that, but non artists think it sounds esoteric.  For example a non-experienced painter will want to paint this orange one solid color and the little green stem another solid color.  But as you really study it and ask yourself "What colors do I really see here?" you will begin to recognize several shades of yellow and orange on the fruit and even that blue highlight on the upper left and that the stem also contains an orange color.  The next part requires courage.  Courage to paint what you see and suppress the instincts of what you Know.

It takes courage to paint that shadow a darker red rather than gray because everyone "Knows" shadows are gray, except that they're not, they're whatever color you see.
These two were painted on red colored illustration board or matte board.

Same orange different day but on a blue background just to see how it looked.

Notice how a green object can submerge into a blue background unless warm colors are used to set it off.  There's a lot of yellow and orange color in this green pear and that's why it still shows up on a blue surface.  Importantly, I didn't make up the background color I found a blue or red thing to set the objects on so we had the right reflected colors and shadow colors.

I've had some medical stuff done lately.  Nothing too serious, but it has been knocking the wind out of me and keeping me away from the studio or from even being clever enough to write a rough blog post.  I should be better soon.

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