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Monday, January 22, 2018

Awkwardness again

Have I mentioned that these particular paintings aren't very good?  We'll mention it again just in case you missed it the first time round. 

So those are all acrylics from back in 2005.    They were  on cardboard or paper and most of them went to the recycler years ago.  There's a hundred more I could share with you, but probably won't.

Not to compare eggplants to oranges, but here's a couple from the last month or so.  These are oil paints on archival wooden panels and will be for sale.

What I mean by awkwardness is simply this: I don't know what I'm doing.
I don't mean that in terms of painting, I know how to paint, though I'm never satisfied with my abilities.  I'm very creative and I draw well and have lots of cool ideas.  But I mean in terms of blogging.  I'm awkward about presenting my ideas or having a coherent message.  I never know if anyone is really interested in my ideas or if there's something they'd prefer that I show or say or explain that I'm not doing or something I am doing that's annoying and people wish I'd stop.

And then I remember: a blog isn't a public service.  It can be, but it can also just be a diary that I leave out for other people to read, but very few people do, but that's OK.

It's also a window to show you the fantasy world that I travel back and forth to, and the people and creatures who inhabit it.

But soon it's going to have to also be a platform for sharing my recent paintings when they are dry and varnished and ready to sell, and a link to where you can buy them (probably ebay),  
So that's all going to be awkward.  it's going to be even less cohesive than the blog has been so far and so far it's been kind of all over the place.
On the other hand maybe people like that sort of thing.  Or maybe they don't, I can't tell.  There's very little traffic on this site possibly because it's not good, or it's confusing or possibly because it just lacks exposure.  No one has to answer these musings for me, I'm just scribbling awkwardly in my diary about what an awkward boy I am.

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