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Friday, December 8, 2017

The Brewery

This isn't a picture of a brewery, but it's one I painted for an event at a brewery.  The same event that I painted the Steampunk Octopus for.  They wanted art that would stay on the wall for a month and featured beer.  Other than that they didn't care what it was.  I wanted to paint a fantasy art babe as I often do so I chose this.

First I took out this old life drawing which was too small to trace onto the board, but I used it as a model and copied it onto the board with vine charcoal.
 It would have been better if I'd drawn her smaller and added more figures.  Maybe she could be partying with a bunch of goblins and fairies, that would have been more popular.  But I had very little time to get this done so I simplified, perhaps a little too much.

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