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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Brewery part 8

OK so here's the final painting.
I didn't take a lot of process shots towards the end because I was running out of time.  The show was in a few days and  I needed to stop painting so it would be dry enough to transport.
The jewelry was finished with a few glints of pure white at the top and some more intense blue near the bottom.  The beer glass was painted exactly the same way the jewelry was.  It's the familiar shape rather than my painting skill that tells you it's a transparent glass not a metal object.
Dragonflies and turtles are part of my own personal symbolism the meaning of which I don't know if I'll ever care to divulge in public.

This painting spent a month on display in the Brewery alongside the Steampunk Octopus.  The octopus sold on the first day, but this one didn't sell.  I had no room to hang it up in the house so I offered it up cheap on line if anyone could come pick it up, but had no takers. 
I can't resent this.  I was just in too much of a hurry.  It has nicely rendered skin tones over a weak drawing.   The head and hands are too big and it really isn't all that interesting.  Too nude for some tastes, but not erotic enough for those who like that sort of thing.  (That was always my opinion of Playboy magazine: too sleazy for good taste, but too artsy for eroticism.)
She ended up being stored back out in the shed with hundreds of other boards and getting shuffled around as I was looking for one piece or another.  Finally it was so beaten and scratched up as to be unsalvageable, so I sanded it down and primered it again.  Now it awaits a new life as something entirely different.  

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