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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

the Brewery part 4

Notice the various different colors that have been placed along side of each other on the skin.  There's a mid tone, but that's actually three or four different shades from the pallet.  Then there's almost pure white on top of the knee, a dark rose color on the fronts of the knees and a mid tone mixed with olive green in the partially shaded areas.  Before blending I also put some darker browns (not very much) and some spots of red in the shadow portions of her legs.
Allow it to dry just a minute or two then use a soft dry brush to gently swish the edges of each color patch into the edges of the next one.  Wipe the brush off with a paper towel as it accumulates paint, but DO NOT use paint thinner until you're done or you'll be erasing paint.  At the blending phase you're not adding any paint to the canvas just knocking the existing paint sideways a tiny bit.  That's what makes it all blend together.

Very little of the stone texture will show through on the skin, but some small amount of it does.
If you look closely at the skin of your left arm you'll see such things as wrinkles, freckles, age spots, scars, hair follicles, veins, and cat scratches.  Or maybe that's just me.  At any rate your skin is not a uniform color or texture all over.
All of this would be tedious and unattractive to actually take the time to paint, but an underlying variation of color or texture such as this faux stone can create much of the impression of such things without the need of actually doing it.

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