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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Small Change, Big Difference

I loved this model for her willingness and ability to do standing poses for long periods.  That's difficult and rare, they usually sit because they think it will be easier, but for the most part it's not.  Modeling is hard, which is why there are so many life drawings out there where the model droops and sags like a bag of flour even when she's young and healthy
Something she did to give her arm a rest was to cross her hand over her hip and clamp it down with the other hand.  I appreciate why she did it, but it reveals itself to be the posture of someone who plans to hold very still for a long time.  She's much better than many poses because she's got movement and flair, but it doesn't quite convince you that this is a person casually going about her business.  Also the position of the upper arm robs you of part of her curvaceous body which stiffens her movement.  So tomorrow we'll look at what I did with that.
The top of her head is cropped because of my predisposition to try to maximize my paper.  I simply drew her a little too big.

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