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Friday, November 3, 2017

How to Paint a Werewolf

I'm not currently on any sort of timeline or schedule.  I'm not working for anyone, don't have any assignments or deadlines which means I get a lot more work done.  For many people it would have the opposite effect, they get serious about production when the pressure is on.  For some reason I've turned into a guy who pushes back against pressure.  I work at my greatest efficiency when there's nothing to do.
So as Halloween was approaching I was struck by the mood to do some more classic movie monster art like those in the previous post.  This idea occurred far to late to capitalize on the season.  I couldn't finish them and sell them for Halloween, but I didn't care because that really isn't the idea.  Halloween simply put me in the mood.
So the project I'm working on currently (There's more faux finish stories to tell later) is my "How to Paint a Werewolf" video series which I'm showing on Facebook Live.
Here's Video #1
Here's Video #2
Bear in mind that these are currently terrible videos because I have no equipment or skills in that area, but I'm learning fairly quickly.

Here are a few sketches in charcoal on some old boards which were pre-painted with house-paint.

Next make a sloppy mess with brown house-paint over the whole drawing.

Before that gets much of a chance to dry wipe it off with a paper towel.

Now paint the background black including the edges of the wood. 

I use a lot of black on these to give the effect of the creature emerging out of the darkness, so most of him wants to be in total shadow. 

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