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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Desert Scene 7

A thin transparent glaze of yellow on all of the sunlit surfaces and a glaze of purple on all of the shadow surfaces.  Then a tiny bit of opaque color on the peak highlights and that's it for everything except the sky.  My big challenge with the sky was to make this big orange halo of the sunrise and then fade to blue without moving through brown or green.  I managed it by laying down the orange first much wider than I actually wanted it and allowing it to dry completely so no mixing took place.  Then adding a very opaque blue in several different shades so that very little orange could show through the blue and create a color mixture that way.  With the choppy brushstrokes I "fade" the color in with ragged, broken chunks of color.  The brushstrokes appear very lose, but they are much more calculated than they look so that they remained opaque.

I thought it was a big painting.  Look how tiny it seems on this huge wall!

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