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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Steampunk Octopus part 6

Later that same weekend that I'd drawn the other sketch I went to a Tea Duel.  Tea Dueling is a viciously competitive steampunk sport where duelists dunk a cookie into a cup of tea and then hold it upright trying to avoid the cookie turning to mush and falling over.  It takes skill, wit, and cunning.  While there I was looking over the rule book by Kurt Kave.  When I asked how much it cost he started to answer but his lady friend jumped in and said "A sketch, it costs a sketch!"  So I happily sketched this one in exchange for the book.
Incidentally the designer of the book is Johnna Buttrick who won the sketch in the previous post.  It's like it's all tied together in some twisted, tangled, tentacled mass of destiny and suction cups.

Here we are manfully engaging in a tea duel where I was dreadfully out of my element.  That's Kurt leaning across the table.

And here I am in my element, gleefully sketching away.

There are many element of the sketch that I like better than the painting.  In the sketch the frame shape is drawn in and therefore easy to draw over.  There's a lot that is compositionally satisfying about the teapot and cup being outside the frame and also the tentacle on the left and pressure gauge on the right extending outside the frame creates a balance.  In the painting I was bound by the physical three dimensional properties of an actual frame.  I felt that the tentacles could wrap around the frame fairly nicely, but for a hard object like the teapot to bend over the frame's edge would break the illusion too much.

"Tea Dueling"
24" X 24" Oil paint on a recycled cabinet door.

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