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Friday, October 13, 2017

Steampunk Octopus part 5

Let's take a short break from the Maux Faux series of posts and follow the steampunk octopus concept for a while. 

 A couple years ago I was at a convention where there was an action to raise money for some charity or other.
One of the items up for auction was "Gilead will make you a sketch of whatever."  Someone bid for that and asked me to draw a Steampunk Octopus so this is what I did.

Last spring our local science fiction convention called LepreCon was coming up.  I hadn't been invited to be a participant so I wasn't planning to go.  I love them, but money was tight as usual and if we had to pay full price as attendees instead of being comped as participants well I just couldn't afford it.  Then with about a month to go they contacted me in something of a panic and said that not inviting me was an oversight and it wouldn't be the same without me, could I please come?  I was very flattered and am easily swayed with appeals to my vanity so of course I went.  But I had no artwork ready to put in the art show.  So I put my head down and made ten pieces of art in one month to take to the show.  Among them were the next three pieces that I'll share here.  Sadly I had no time to take any step by step photos so all we have is the finished product.

Painted on an old cabinet door like much of my art, I used metallic gold paint on the frame which I rarely do, but in this case I think it made for a very cool look.  In person it really pops, which is a statement you never make to an art director who's looking at your portfolio.  Whatever impression your art is supposed to make it had better do it in your portfolio otherwise it's not worth mentioning.  But this is different.  This piece was meant to be appreciated in person and not in print so I can make all the self aggrandizing claims I want to.

"In The Gears"
24" square.  Oil paint on a recycled cabinet door.

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