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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Steampunk Octopus part 2

Using opaque white paint I block out confusing lines from the previous painting and keep them from showing through.  Then using yellow ocher and burnt sienna I start to create the look of brass on some objects.  You may be starting to think that the original faux finish is completely lost in this painting and you'd be right it's all gone, but it served it's purpose  and now the board can serve another purpose so nothing is lost.
I've painted more than a hundred octopuses in my time and there's no doubt that I'll paint more.  Why is that a thing for me?  I really don't know.  It has more to do with design than oceanography.  I like all those graceful curves and curlicues.

So the burning question is this: "What is the plural form of octopus?  Is it octopuses or octopai?"
Allow me to clarify. 
1.  "Octopus" is a Greek word and so the correct plural in Greek would be "Octopode."
2.  "Octopai" is pseudo-Latin, 'look at me I'm edjurcated', fake-science speak.  It means nothing at all.
3.   Since the word "Octopus" has been adopted into English the proper usage is the English usage which would be "Octopuses." 
 And now you know.

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