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Monday, October 9, 2017

Steampunk Octopus part 1

After the party when we no longer needed this big castle wall painting, what do you do then?  Well there's really only one logical place you can go with this and that is to paint a steampunk octopus drinking a beer so obviously that's what we're gonna do!
I'd been invited to show my work and sell coloring books at an art event in an ale brewery in downtown Phoenix which was called...wait for it...Phoenix Ale Brewery.  Their one requirement was that the art that we were leaving on display for a month had to feature beer.  Otherwise it could be absolutely anything so obviously I drew an octopus.

About the only thing I know on the topic of breweries is that they really look kind of steampunk.  There's copper tanks with rivets, pressure gauges and valves, it's perfect.  So I draw the design in charcoal right over the last design.  The last painting was all thin glazes and never used any thick layers of paint so there's no worry of anything showing through. 
If there was I'd have had to sand it down.
Then with a very thin wash of black and burnt umber I block in the shadow areas of the new painting and it's practically done already.

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