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Friday, October 6, 2017

Gilead's Goblins Part Two

Or Maux Faux Part Nine.

Yesterday we talked about the launch party for Gilead's Goblins coloring books.  One of the cool things at the party was a photography set up by my friend Stephen Cullum.  We had a green screen for taking photos of the folks at the party.  Incidentally we also had a costume contest which is not to say that my friends don't dress like this all of the time because they pretty much do, but here we are in front of the green screen.

Which finally brings us back around to the faux finish panels.  This is one of the panels you saw me painting in This Post.  I had two panels like this, (we'll track the eventual fate of the other one later) they were 4-foot square real-estate signs made of sheet metal wrapped around a wooden frame.
Here I'm drawing on it with a piece of vine charcoal just like I did in the others.

Light wash for the highlights and dark wash for the shadows and we've pretty well done a whole painting.  Just a little color wash to suggest the ground and the wooden door.  I knew I didn't need much detail because most of it would be covered up.
 And here's the green screen image photoshopped onto my painting.

That's me with my wife Stellar on the left and Stephen with his wife Nikka on the right.

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