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Monday, September 11, 2017

Paint along with Gilead Step 14

One of the touted advantages of acrylic paint is that if you make a mistake you can just cover it in white and repaint it. This is true if you are using an opaque method of painting, but we’re using a transparent method. So you want to stay very carefully within your drawing until you are close to the finish then you will switch to more opaque colors for the final touches.
I actually sketched this owl in considerably smaller than I thought he should be to allow myself room to paint him a little larger.  If I'd gotten him to large sure I could paint him out, but then all of the stone texture and everything is painted out as well and that would be hard to recreate at this stage.
The edges of the board are about 2 inches thick so I had to incorporate them into the design.

The dark night sky out the window was very easy to do glazing over the grimy blackish brown that was already there.

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