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Friday, September 8, 2017

Paint along with Gilead Step 13

I’m going for the look of a bookshelf in Hogwarts or somewhere like that. Not a picture or an illustration of a bookshelf, but rather a mural, the illusion that there is actually a bookshelf over there on that wall.
This is part of an idea I had many years ago.
You see I used to do a lot of murals in people's home which always felt awkward both for me and the client.  Sometimes I'd be spending the entire day in some teenage girl's bedroom.  She wouldn't be there at the time of course, but after a while she or her parents would begin to feel uncomfortable having me there and start wanting to rush me along.  In short, I didn't like it much.  Public murals and restaurants were a much more relaxed work environment which might sound counter-intuitive.

So I came up with the concept of "Murals To Go".   Rather than work in people’s houses I could just create pieces that they could take and nail to wall themselves. I get to work at home and they don’t have to deal with a stranger in their house.
It's a great idea, it's brilliant!   ...I never did it, and more or less feel that the moment has passed.

This project we're doing here is sort of a compromise with that concept. 

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