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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Paint along with Gilead Step 12

Notice that the books look like books and the glassware looks like glass even though they were done with the same painting techniques the same paints, colors and brushes.  Sometimes people expect and even seem to hope for a special material or formula for painting certain things.  They want to buy metallic paints for all the metals and glass paint for all the glass and flesh-tone for all the skin.    Fortunately it doesn't work like that.  I say "fortunately" because you can use the paint you have to paint anything at all.  It's more about drawing things correctly so they look like the object depicted and then good use of light and dark.  Get those two things down and you could do this whole painting in purple and blue and it would still be convincing.

Metallics and all of that are gimmicks and gimmicks are extremely limited.  It's not that I never use them, some people say that my use of recycled material is a gimmick and that may be true, but I've accepted the limitations of what I'm doing.  The odd size means this will never work as a book cover.  Metallics and pearlescents and flourescents look amazing in person but they print as a flat color so if you're selling prints or to a publisher it won't work well.

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