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Monday, September 4, 2017

Paint along with Gilead Step 10

 Now for the lighted side of each object, those raised areas that catch the light.  Same idea as the shadow areas only with a warm off white. In this case white, yellow-ocher, and some of the shadow mixture.  Still keeping it a little transparent so that the stone texture shows through.   This is harder to do with white but you can mix a little clear acrylic medium in it to make it transparent without being too watery and runny.    This will be the final layer on parts of the painting but for most of it it's just a guide.  It's a big piece, if you get in close painting small details you could forget where the angle of your light was supposed to be so it's good to get all of that clearly established early on.
I’m assuming (as I habitually do when I’m making things up) a light source from the upper right.

The nude study on the wall has nothing to do with this project she was just there.

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