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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Paint along with Gilead Step 7

So now you have a whole bunch of faux stone slabs, what the heck are ya gonna do with all of that?
Good question, I really don't know.

Notice how the colors shifted with each one depending on what random paint I was splattering, but because it all blended together there's no actual impression of the bright colors that we started with.

 If asked to go out and paint a big chunk of stone your instinct might have been to start with gray and try to make it look realistic from there.  This is much more effective.  If I wanted a piece to be darker such as a Halloween prop I would still use the same process but just finish with some darker gray blue, green or purple splatters and then wipe them all off together.  That would glaze the piece with a cold drab look, but still have the appearance of natural stone.

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