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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Caravan Guard

Here's a quick gesture sketch of a caravan guard idly waiting for departure time.  There's hardly any danger in town, but he stands with habitual vigilance even at his most relaxed moments

After rotating the paper to the left a bit to get him standing upright I rework the sketch from memory and from anatomy books to get the musculature more correct.  There simply wasn't any time for this in the field, I'd have been treated with suspicion if I lingered too long staring at any one person.  In theory they couldn't arrest me and they might understand the harmlessness of an artist out sketching the scenery, but they could probably rough me up with legal impunity if I seemed like trouble so I don't risk it.

Looking ready for anything.  I could place this guy anywhere; at the top of a cliff, on the prow of a ship, receiving orders from the king in his palace.

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