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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Arizona Grass Dragon

   The Arizona Grass Dragon is similar to the Prairie Dragon only the legs are a little bigger. Prairie dragons have those tiny legs which allow them to swim through the grass like a snake.
   It's just one more of those things you hardly ever see anymore not that they ever were all that easy to spot. As big as they were they could still glide among the weeds and bushes without hardly making a sound until they're sliding right past you. You just look down by your feet and there he is. Man I tell you I like to have jumped clean out of my skin! Then he turns his head and gives me a slight nod as if to say "Yeah I could've eaten you anytime I wanted to, but not today." And he slides away in a whisper of dry grass.
   Try to follow him and he's nowhere to be seen.
I tried once. Just as he slithered around a clump of bushes I ran to see where he'd gone and there was nothing. So I turned back the way I'd come and there he was hanging from a tree branch nose to nose with me. His mouth opened and he gave a hiss that startled me backwards ass over elbows. And I swore right there to stay out of his business from then on if he let me go.
   Some folks say I've got a fanciful imagination. "Gil" they say, "This all crazy talk! Dragons are just reptiles, they got no intelligence to make bargains with little boys."
   But you can say what you like, I know what I saw.

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