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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Skinny Dipping

This was kind of a funny model who worked for us quite a lot for a while.  Your first impression of her is that she's twelve years old and you don't want to see her naked.  then you find out she's in her mid twenties, but you still don't want to see her because she still looks twelve.  Then when she's undressed she actually looks a little older, but not a lot.
 Your next impression is "For cripes sake woman will you please sit still?!"  She shakes and drifts all around.  But once you do get a drawing done it actually looks kind of nice and you think maybe she's OK after all.
In this sketch you can barely see that she was holding a broomstick, but not really using it to any advantage.  In fact she's trying to balance on her right foot and the stick is throwing her off so she wavered all over the place and it was extremely annoying.  Points for trying a challenging pose, but it's no good if you can't hold still.

Then I decided to use the unbalanced posture to my advantage.  I got rid of the stick and put her arms out to her sides like she was trying to hold her balance.  I wondered where to put her that this would make sense.  She could be walking along the top of a wall or a big tree branch, but I liked the idea of a slippery stream where she's going skinny dipping.

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