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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Barbarian Queen 2

Later while working on the drawing at home I made some improvements on the cat, but I still really didn't like it, possibly I'd drawn too many cats around that time and just wanted to mix things up a little.  Also I thought her posture was a little stiff.

 Placing the drawing in the window for a light-box, I'm able to tape a clean paper in front of it and trace the image.  Doing this allows me to shift and rotate the paper around as I see fit and thus altering the posture of the legs etc.  Here I've tilted her to the left so that when I trace her right leg it will angle up a little more than it did in the original sketch.

With the two sketches side by side you can compare the positions of the legs.  Her right leg angles up a little and her left lower leg angles back a little.  It's subtle  but the new one is more dynamic.  It has just that touch of energy and drama that the previous flat footed stance was missing.  This is another instinct acquired from sign painting.  Horizontal and vertical lines are stable and have a quiet dignity.  Diagonal lines feel unstable.  They have a sense of urgency and tension making you feel that something is about to happen.  Neither is right or wrong inherently it just depends on the feeling you're hoping to convey.

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