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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Barbarian Queen 1

As you know Gilbert Arizona lies at what was once the westernmost fringe of the Roman empire.  Romans and Celts clashed with Picts from the north and Apaches from the west. Centaurs ravaged the land from central Arizona to the Sea of Texas where the Mississippi river now flows. Goblin hoards poured from the mountains.  Eventually the Romans were driven back to the British Isles, leaving the indigenous people to fend for themselves.
But Gilbert was an ancient place long before that time.  The land is sprinkled with ancient burial mounds known as "fairy mounds" to the locals and said to be gateways to another world.  In fact one such mound was leveled to make room for the very house we're living in now.  Personally I never listen to such childish nonsense as fairy mounds and gateways to magical realms, but I do pack up my drawing kit and go visit those realms as frequently as possible.

On one such visit I had the pleasure of drawing this young lady here.  Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm indulging in a little flight of fantasy here, she really didn't have a cat with her, I just thought she should have one so I drew it in.

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