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Friday, March 31, 2017

7th Sea, Pirate Roleplaying Game Illustrations 2

I did this front-piece for the book after seeing a similar thing by N.C. Wyeth for Robinson Crusoe.
Nobody illustrated pirate stories better than N.C. Wyeth so I looked at a lot of his work before starting on this project.
Here's the N.C. Wyeth piece that inspired my piece.  There will be someone telling me that I copied but I have no such misgivings.  I suppose it depends on what aspect of the image you're focused on.  It's a different ship, different water, different ribbon, different font, different colors, but if  'ship-and-ribbon' make up the totality of original design then one could still say it's a copy from a certain point of view.

If I seem defensive it's for good reason.  The business of fantasy illustration is filled with copiers and ten times as many accusers and a hundred times as many people who can't tell the difference and just go along with what the last guy said.  This can put a good many of us on the defensive in any case and then I go and do a project like this which skirts the line a little closer than usual as I'll show you over the next few days.
Like I said in my video I was very pressed for time and not feeling well at all.  Because of this I decided to let some of my artistic heroes give me a leg up for once.
 I've spent thousands of dollars over the years on fantasy art books, art instruction books and art reference photography books.  Some of those books are my prize possessions, many were a waste of money.  None of them could be said to have paid for themselves until now.
Now all these things are going to earn their keep and help me out a little in ways like this.

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