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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The First Step in Illustration

I don't often take on illustration projects anymore, but I'm working on one right now.  There isn't really a nondisclosure agreement on it, but I've decided mostly to only share the process on my Patreon page.  So if you'd like to see what that's all about go here: and contribute a dollar.  Then, if you want to, you could withdraw your pledge after a month once you've seen all you want to see.  I won't resent you if you do that, and while you are there you even qualify to get 50% off on some of my artwork that is available for sale.  So for a $1.00 contribution you could buy a $500.00 painting for $250.00 and then bail out.  I promise I won't resent that either.

The project is a role playing game about pirates on an island ruled by semi intelligent apes.
Here's a little video I made for my patrons.

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