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Monday, January 9, 2017

Three Models Doing the Same Pose

What we have here are three different models who all did virtually the same pose but I re-interpreted each one a little different.
This old guy used to model for us a lot.  Interesting character, he had wild conspiracy theories and thought the government was out to get him.  All nonsense of course.  Haven't seen that guy in a long time, I wonder what happened to him...

Sometimes I start my drawing too quickly possibly for fear that I'll run out of time and not be able to finish so I get the basic proportions all wrong and have a lot to fix when I re-work the drawing at home.  You can see that his right shoulder stuck out too far and had to be pulled back.  His right knee as well.  If it has that much of the front of the knee showing then it can't be pointing that far to the side.  And his left leg was Way too long.

Now that all his body parts are in the right place I can place his whole body where it belongs: up a tree.

Later I decided he looked disengaged looking off to the left of the paper and I turned his head forwards.  It was better the other way.
By the way the color changes are just because of the time of day and lighting conditions when the photo was taken.

Here's a very similar pose taken by a younger model and more recently.  My drawing skills had improved a little by then.

The costume is cool, but it requires more background to be in any way compelling.  I'm tempted to turn his head again, but I've learned my lesson from the last one.

The third and youngest guy was also a bit of a conspiracy theorist, what's up with that?  Unlike most times I went ahead and put a costume on him right there in the classroom.

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