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Friday, January 27, 2017

Snow White Part 3

These little minion space goblins make the painting but at the same time they don't dominate it.  They are more the setting than the object of our attention which is of course the girl.  as such they don't get lavish detail or bold colors, they need to be interesting, more collectively than individually, but not distracting.  This is a balance that I may have only partially succeeded with.  The purple contrasts with the yellows in the back wall and the yellow green of the goblins providing a sense of space behind them.  Still seeing the world through a sign painters eyes it's possible I exaggerated this a bit much.

Look closely at the shadow in the center of her thigh and you can still see the hard zigzag line where I transferred the image with a ball point pen.

The background and foreground elements are as done as I plan to do them.  The minions seem to dominate for the moment but only because they have been resolved and solidified more than the girl has at this point.
Superficially the fruit-bowl looks like apples pears and grapes, but if you look closer they are all as alien as the rest of the scene.

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