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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Snow White Part 2

Her hand was in the wrong position.  She may have moved from one sitting to another, but more likely I moved at some point.  Even leaning forward and back can change your vantage point enough to distort a picture if you fail to compensate for it.  If I was closer to her I'd see more of the front of her belly and the length of her fore-arm, lean back and I'm seeing her more from the side.  At any rate I needed to erase her hand and re-draw it in the right position.  At this stage "Erase" means paint over it.

My friend found a website with a list of "Rules of etiquette for life drawing."  I'm perversely proud to say that my group violates every rule on the the list cheerfully and egregiously.
1. No talking.  (We chatter the whole time)
2. No laughing or making jokes.   (We're a riotous band of hooligans)
3. Do not attempt speak to the model at any time whether she's working or on break.  (As long as she holds still we chat up the model all day)
4. Maintain a strictly professional relationship with the model and your fellow students, do not attempt to make friends or include them in any social activities.    (Our models and fellow students have become some of my best friends.  We go out after class and go to parties at each other's houses)
5. No Photographs under any circumstances ever, don't ask, don't think about it.  (OK We never do it without asking, but we always ask and they usually say yes so I tip them extra and take a pile of photos without which I'd have a hard time doing paintings like this one.  several times the model handed me her own camera and asked me to take some pictures with that while I was at it.)

I kind of want to say that I respect the traditions of other groups, but no I really don't, I think they're silly prudish and self limiting.  I'd argue that, having never had sex with any of my models, no improprieties have taken place, but by some standards everything we do is impropriety enough.  So there you go, if you came here looking for scandal there it is.

I have promised never to share my photos on the internet to which several models have said "post them anywhere you like I don't care" but I still don't, just in case some kind of problem could emerge from that later.  But I'll make a few exceptions with carefully cropped anonymous photos like this one.  This shows that at some point either I moved or the model did and her hand just looks all wrong in the position I originally put it in.  So I painted it out and moved it.

The thing about that kind of sponging texture, like we did on the wall, is that you will lose the effect if you paint over it too many times and then you can't go back unless you paint the whole thing white again and start over.  I really liked the gritty stony texture that I had originally, but I eventually glazed over it so many times that it became smooth an opaque looking, almost creamy.  Plus it got too red and then too dark.  I always wished I'd kept it in this warm range.

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