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Monday, January 23, 2017

Snow White Part 1.

When I first drew this figure it was just the girl and no background.   However I had gotten a reputation as the guy who always puts monsters and stuff in his life drawings so the models would often run over to my easel during break to see what weird stuff I was doing.  On this occasion I hadn't done anything weird and she was terribly disappointed in me.  So I added all these little space aliens and a laser pistol.  She was delighted after that and took a picture of it to show all of her friends.

This picture illustrates how brutal I can be to my original drawing.  The paper is wrinkled, faded, smeared and torn plus you can see the ball point pen lines where I traced over the drawing to transfer it to the board for painting.  This bothers some people who think I desecrate my art by doing such things, but I don't see my newsprint sketches as works of art I see them as a tool that I use to help me create a work of art.

Having traced the sketch to the board I inked the whole thing with India ink and sponged in a stone texture for the wall behind her.  Looking back I wish that I had left the wall just like it is, but as you will see I changed things as I went along.  

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