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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Big Sword

The plains of Shandahar are home to vast herds of horses and enormous cattle prized for meat, milk, leather, and horns, some are even trained for battle.  Though the wild men of Shandahar are considered barbarians they are as crafty in business as they are fierce in battle.   Horses and cattle are traded to the settled lands for but only females or steers.  Breeding is a closely guarded craft.  Whenever someone manages to poach a male animal it proves too wild to handle.  To my knowledge no one has ever succeeded in breeding cattle or horses in Joskarra nor is the land very conducive to it.  There are some wild species on the high plains above the rim, but they would be even more difficult to tame.
The signal horn this man carries is typical of the size from an adult bull.

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