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Friday, January 6, 2017

Bad Pose part 2

  One more try because I realized that the first time I'd overlooked a subtle twist backwards like the model was turning to see who was behind him.  That gives it more narrative, but the stance is still too static and weird.  My idea the model to be sneaking forward and then looking over his shoulder as if he'd heard a noise or seen an enemy.  Honestly this just doesn't convey that narrative like I'd hoped.

Obviously the best way to redeem the project would be to re-shoot the photo, but that wasn't practical at the time and I really didn't have an assignment it was just an idea.
So this was my solution to redeeming the physical drawing.  His expression carries most of the action.  The motion of the gator moves the eye around the picture.
Also hiding his feet below water erases the flat footed stiffness of the earlier pose.

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