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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wearers of Articacts

People often ask me if I model for my own art.  Sometimes I do, but I have a flabby pale body unsullied by muscles of any kind so my heroic figures are modeled off off other people, but they are real people.  The whole idea of the art that I'm doing is that it's based on life drawings of real people not magazine photos or website photos.  I've done lots of that in the past as well, but I like this better. 

Most of the weapons and armor used in this culture are found not made.  Artifacts lying among the ruins for untold centuries the leather is usually rotted away entirely or unusable but intact enough to be brought to a smith who can make a new set from the old pieces.  The metals are often remarkably well preserved.  Strangely there never seems to be any lower leg armor among most ruins which reinforces the suspicion that it was originally made for centaurs rather than men.
Some believe that centaurs may have built the cities that now lie in ruins scattered across the land.

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