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Monday, December 19, 2016

Turning Your Art into a Business

Sign painting is an art and it also has a very clearly defined business model i.e. I'll paint you this if you pay me that.  All commercial art works on the same business model; illustration, murals, logo design, package design.  I've done all of them a little and sign painting a lot.  
What I'm doing now is a lot more fun and creative, but far more difficult to monetize.
Art Galleries once provided the traditional business model for oil painters, but all of the galleries were going under right about the time I was looking for representation.  My art is risky and in a traditional business like galleries no one is taking risks right now.
Well that leads us to the brave new world of the internet which is certainly where the future is for now, but there's limitations here as well.
1.  People without money or wall space can see and enjoy your work for free on-line.
But then again they were always able to browse a gallery without buying anything it just required more effort.

2.  If I do sell a painting it goes from my wall to your wall and that's where it ends compared to a  sign or public mural which always generated more work.   When thousands of people saw it some of them became new clients who hired me to make something similar.  
On the other hand a mural at someone's home made money at the time, but never got enough exposure to generate more work.

A little aside about "exposure".  As artists we are constantly approached by people who want us to work for free or very cheap because the work will "bring us lots of exposure."  Here's the thing, your Work gives you exposure, your Client never does.  If your art results in future sales it's thanks to the hard work and talent you put into the art not to any extra effort on the part of your client.
Some architect designs a great new building which may get media coverage and national awards, but he still charged a lot of money for it and so should you.

3.  My on-line viewers never get anything tangible to take away from the experience.
But I'd like to change that and that's where Patreon comes in.

Patreon falls into the new category of "microfunding".  If you enjoy what I do and want to see me keep doing it you can drop a dollar a month into my Patreon account sort of like a tip jar on the sidewalk and cumulatively I'll make enough to get by while no one is out any significant amount of cash.
I've been doing it for a couple months and am really quite happy so far.  My first couple goal levels have been met which were just to help me pay for my life drawing sessions and buy a small amount of supplies a month.  If I get enough support I'll be able to start making prints of my art some of which will be free to my patrons plus the original painting will be available to patrons only at a deep discount.  Additional prints and original artwork will also be made available to the general public using this money.
So if you like the paintings you see me post here and would like to buy a print of them I'm glad...but I can't afford the print run right now.  But if you and your friends support my Patreon page for a dollar I may soon have funds to do a lot of printing.  And patrons will get a discount on purchases so you could immediately save more money than you put in.
All of this will also fund me to keep doing all the things I'm already doing such as this blog, facebook and Instagram. 

Plus you get to see some more cool pictures and videos like you get to see here.
Here's a sample.

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