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Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Bathing Pool

This was possibly a ten minute pose or less.  My model is a friend of mine who usually draws at our sessions, but occasionally fills in when the scheduled model doesn't show up.  In her fifties I think she's a lovely lady even if she is perhaps a little less...perky than the twenty-something models we usually get.

Drawing mostly from habit I guess I perked her up a bit as I re-worked the sketch.

The original function of these bathing pools, or if they even were bathing pools, is unclear.  But in Jeskarrah, where the swamp-lands have been drained, the water is clean and clear, and bathing pools are popular. Only a fool would swim in the rivers if they could help it.  Larger crocodiles are rarely seen around here these days, but it's never safe to swim in water you can't see through.  That being said we all did it when we were kids and most of us survived.

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